Resistance, fear, drama in your life. No matter what you call it or how you see it, there is often a little gremlin that pops up whenever we try to change. It whispers that the change is too big, we will never be able to do it. You are a low worm wiggling about the dirt just dreaming about being a bird soaring about the mountain. Then another voice pops up and says “the only way you can soar like that is if you are in the bird’s mouth and it is eating you on the run.”

I want to tell you to stop it but that would be heaping one more unfair expectation on you. No one ever gets rid of this completely. Some people hide it better. And with time and practice the noise gets less loud, less believable. It becomes more that annoying relative you know you need to see a couple of times a year but no longer has the power to terrorize you like they did as a kid. Or the well-meaning loved one who only wants to protect you but has confused prison with safety.

Instead, I want to tell you not to give up. Setbacks are not the same as being defeated. And no matter how big or impossible something is, it is only so because we are thinking about swallowing it whole. And we can’t do it in one shot. It takes a lot of tiny steps. And each and every one of those is valid and essential. The sprints, the pauses, the sliding back.

You know why we all love a classic hero’s journey story? Because the hero gets out of the messy middle. The messy middle we are so afraid to look at and deal with.

The very messy middle that so many of us believe is why we can not succeed. When, in fact, it is getting through that gunk that is exactly what success is!

So let me know what is blocking you! What are your biggest struggles! Come join us in the FB group and get the support!

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