Sometimes you just can not! Example below!

During these times I try to laugh. Depending on how good the week is going (as in above) I can laugh and love these moments. Bad weeks I can cry and get frustrated. Stomp my feet in a way that reminds me of my kids!

The only way I can really get work done is to enlist help. Before we moved onto a sailboat kita (German daycare) was a sanity saver. Now, I need to get daddy to take the kiddies to the beach and I either stay onboard or I head to a coffee shop. Very rare is the ability to get work done while sharing space with my kids.

That is the truth. If my kids are around I can forget about getting any real work done unless I slap TV on for them. If anyone has found a way to work in the same space as their children I would love to hear it!

And this was the video I was trying to get done! It was for a challenge in a group on why we do what we do. You might also enjoy it. My story as to why “The Creative Mermaids”.

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