Kate Tremills, author and speaker, is one of the fabulous presenters we have lined up for the Creative & Vibrant Living Virtual Retreat. I really wanted this retreat to be a mix of both interviews and classes taught, just as if you were at an actual retreat. And Kate did a class for us called Creating With The Feminine: Opening Up To Faith & Flow AND since I am doing the workbooks I know how freaking awesome it is already!  😛 But just to give you guys an idea of what to expect, I am sharing this interview Kate did with Krystal Vrba from The Blissful Woman Project.

I am telling you, there is so much fabulous inspiration in here! In a world where it really feels at the moment it can be “too much”, rather than curling up and giving up I am going deeper into my creativity. I am connecting with that blissful woman. Because she is the one who makes informed choices based on what is best for her rather than what the fear says she should do.


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