This week’s podcast is all about taking the lid off! In more ways than one! Being unapologetic, showing up as ourselves, embracing our light and shining hard to be that lighthouse!

We have some kids opening this week’s podcast and they helped to highlight the lessons we wanted to talk about this week! Mainly, to encourage us to embrace what being a child means and to unlearn some of the lessons we ourselves were taught (often with love) as children.

They also brought about a lesson in the moment about embracing and letting go, when Sherrie’s daughter dropped the lid of her favourite mermaid bottle into the ocean.

We kept on recording, embracing everything spirit had to teach us in that moment, as well as to drive home we need to take the lid off, BOTH in showing our messy sides for others to see as well as taking that cap off of our gratitude!

Or on all your favorite podcast haunts!

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