A lifelong love of books and journaling, the discovery and subsequent adoration of Anais Nin in university or my move from land to a sailboat. Any and all of these were part of the inspiration for creative mermaids. But the true catalyst was my waking up to my messy middle. (No one is immune!).


I realized I had fallen into the trap of thinking I couldn’t create because my life had so many limitations (motherhood, time, and generally feeling everything I wrote was crap anyway). I didn’t realize that the messy middle was not stopping me from creating. Rather it was in the embracing of it that I was able to come out the other side.


The fact is that the messy middle is where the juice of life is.

It’s a cycle we will always return to.


Our job is to extract from it and pass our learning and wisdom down.


In the form of poetry, novels, paintings or photography. Whatever lights up our creative souls.


We create. We share. We do it again.   


We are not failures because we are in a messy middle. Rather it is the lessons of our messy middles that fuels us and drive us.


Like a caterpillar dissolved in a cocoon, we will become butterflies.

I saw the online world promising caterpillar to butterfly transformations. The entire time glossing over the cocoon phase. And too often I saw people give up thinking they couldn’t succeed because they hit the cocoon dissolving phase. They thought it was a sign they couldn’t succeed and so the quit. When really it’s just the phase to success.


I’m here to help you through the transitions and into your transformation. To help you get the raw part out.


To show you where your limiting beliefs are.  The ones that are so embedded in you that they are like the children’s hidden picture colouring sheets. Until you actively search you had no idea they existed. Part of your picture but never noticed.  I help you there.


And like the messy middle I help you get the raw part out  I’m not your formatting coach or your marketing coach, although I can help with it that’s not my focus and if that is yours then you need someone else.


My focus is finding out why you’re not advertising, why you’re not creating.  I want to help you create a creative and vibrant life on your terms.