Creative Magic!

Sherrie is my “just start” goddess, her coaching and writing support has seen me gain confidence in my words and connect with my creative soul. She has most certainly helped me share my words and work with the world. Thanks to her magic I have written and published blog posts, confidently publicised my work and published my first book! Her coaching and writing courses are practical and supportive and she constantly inspires me to create, write, be and most importantly set realistic goals to succeed. I am so thankful for Sherrie’s support and all she has to offer the world.


Kate Darnell of Gumboots By The Sea

Sherrie is totally fabulous!!! This lady is a true example of what living life on your own terms is! She isn’t afraid to create a life full of adventure and LIVE it to the fullest.

She is not only brilliant but also has an amazing personality and passion for helping others. She has a way of taking you to that dreamy place; along with her goal planning and strategies, Sherrie is exactly what you need to make your dreams a reality.

Working with Sherrie is an amazing adventure itself as there is never a dull moment with this lady of awesomeness. So if you are ready to create a vibrant life on your terms then say YES to yourself and dive right in with Sherrie, you will find that transformation you have been waiting for!!!

Tarah Abram of Juicy Living By Design