Sneak Peak Into Some Of The Awesome You Can Expect

Kate Tremills, author and speaker, is one of the fabulous presenters we have lined up for the Creative & Vibrant Living Virtual Retreat. I really wanted this retreat to be a mix of both interviews and classes taught, just as if you were at an actual retreat. And Kate did a class for us called Creating With The Feminine: Opening Up To Faith & Flow AND since I am doing the workbooks I know how freaking awesome it is already!  😛 But just to give you guys an idea of what to expect, I am sharing this interview Kate did with Krystal Vrba from The Blissful Woman Project.

I am telling you, there is so much fabulous inspiration in here! In a world where it really feels at the moment it can be “too much”, rather than curling up and giving up I am going deeper into my creativity. I am connecting with that blissful woman. Because she is the one who makes informed choices based on what is best for her rather than what the fear says she should do.


The Messy Middle Makes The Front Cover

Soooooo you know you’re crazy busy when it’s the middle of the month before you realize your story on the #messymiddle (which is a major theme within your #creative and #vibrant virtual retreat) has made front cover on @badasserymag!!!! Go check it out, and if you’re not sure what the #messymiddle is this sums it up : “Or sometimes we find help, but they rarely address the cocoon phase. I think of life as a series of cycles, and each one involves a caterpillar component, a cocoon phase and a butterfly phase. The problem is no one likes to talk about the cocoon phase. You know that part where you are a bubbling, dissolved mess. We gloss that over. We talk about how we went from caterpillars to butterflies, and if the cocoon is mentioned at all it is the fact that it is a safe space to change. And it is! Only I do not think that when you are in there you realize it. In fact, when you are in the midst of it you think it will never end and you have no idea how to even begin to do it.”

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Why You Shouldn’t Quit

Putting together the creative and vibrant living retreat has been such an eye opening experience for me. I love it and yet it has had me face a lot of my own fears and blocks. Things I never even realized I had buried!

This week my video is about why you shouldn’t give up. Too often we walk into a crowded arena and squeak out a hello, then when we hear nothing back we scurry out seeing that as defeat.


Start going up to other people. Say hello.

If they are not interested keep on going.

It is creating from the messy middle. Not everyone is where you are. Some people are scared too. They are frantic. Do not take on their shit. Just move on.

You are enough guys. Just remember it does come easy!

Meditation As A Busy Mama

My Tuesday update is coming late this week! But it is so worth it. I have been busy getting the retreat together and finishing up some of the last interviews. Mermaids, it is so good!

We talked about meditation as busy mamas and I walked away with so many things I could start applying right now in real life! This retreat is so worth it just from the amazing insights I have gotten from speaking to these amazing women!!!

You can check out Julie’s book From Crappy To Happy Shake Off Stress & Rediscover Your Mama Mojo just by clicking that link!

So here is my weekly video update:

And I just have to include the extended version right here! But you need to sign up for the retreat to hear the whole thing!


#IamaDaredevil Thank you Candis Hickman for both offering me my dare as well as holding space for female entrepreneurs to step up and move beyond their comfort zones in their life and business. My dare was a video talking about life and love and business on the open seas. Here it is!

Let it never be said I turned down my my dare!

And if you haven’t checked out the dare devil sisterhood yet you really should!

Wait in a place you know the muse will find you

A little routine and showing up when you don’t want to can in fact get the creativity flowing!

I fought against this for such a long time. I refused to believe or accept that! Creativity was about being spontaneous. It was divine inspiration. It most definitely was not about routine or schedules.

And yet, since I have committed to a routine my creativity and output has increased. In both quality and quantity!

And forcing myself to work sometimes even when everything fights against it sometimes even surprisesme with what comes out.

Enjoy me doing this in real time. my video practice is just that. A practice. And it can be applied to any creative practice!

Virtual Retreat on Creativity & Healing: Because You Deserve It!

So excited about this and the speakers. I want this retreat to be something that everyone can afford. And for those who are ready I want to stoke the fires within and have you bursting out fully rejuvenated.

But you know what.

If you are just tired, and exhausted, and although you may long for that ability to burn alive maybe you just want to not feel like crying.

And I get that. That is what Creative Mermaids is about. It is about the truth, Not just the shiny end where everyone is dancing about in their full power and life (and again even that is a cycle, but that is not a discussion for now.)

Creative mermaids is about living a creative and vibrant life as defined by you. More importantly were mermaids, we dive deep. This is not surface level stuff here. This is about going above and beyond. Or deep into the darkness.

And because of that we know how important it is to refill your well. You cant pour from an empty glass, but we do. We spit into it or open our veins and bleed into it. I know, I have done this. It requires actual vigilance on my part to stop it. I said it before and Ill say it again. Motherhood kicked my ass. Self care? HA! My self care was taking care of my kids. Because I loved them more than myself. Therefore sacrificing everything I was to care for them was exactly what was called for right?

Hmm not exactly. All I did was make myself miserable and then feel bad that I could ever feel sad about dedicating myself 100% to my children. Because thats what good mothers do right?

Thats the part where my voice gets rather shrill. Heh, heh.

And so when I woke up one day and found that the woman that I thought was dead was just in fact on life support I began the crawl out and back to me.

And this is my first big project for Creative Mermaids. I have my motorcycle memoir books out, and a few journals out now under creative mermaids, but this is my first project where I am working with other people and is something that I have always dreamed of doing. Hosting a retreat where the focus is healing and creativity and coming back to you.

Because I honestly believe that no matter how broken we feel, it is just that, a feeling. Even if we feel completely lost, convinced we’ve bleed ourselves dry, we haven’t! Our souls are not gone. Maybe they are taking a much needed vacation from our bodies and just hovering around us because inside is just too much freaking pain. But they are there!

And that is my long winded way of saying this retreat is for everybody! If you feel that things are hopeless and therefore it cant or wont help then I would beg of you to attend. Because that is when you need it the most! And maybe at first you only get a little flame, but it will grow into a raging fire. And that is my goal. I want you to light up from inside out! To be filled with a burning desire to create and live the vibrant and creative life you deserve!

And when you need to, there is always the cooling depths that you can dive deep into. There is always more work to be done!