So as mentioned, I am having tech difficulties! But that does not stop mermaids! It just means that you get a less glamourous looking course! And since this is about starting to do your dives and not letting appearances stop you it is fitting that this one is not a super polished piece.

Movement is what counts mermaids! Movement and being gentle with ourselves!

And if you want to buy the physical journal it is here!

First up is the welcome:

Then the start of the journal, where we do our check in. Check-ins are huge and will figure big throughout the course and all journals. We need to make sure we are being true to ourselves, and that is hard to do when you can get swept up so easily in other events!

First day! What do you want? Harder to know than you would think…

Day 2: Why Do I Want It? You might be surprised at why…

Day 3: Who Is In Your Life? This is crucial. They may love you (or not!) but they have impacts on you. Knowing this can help you neutralize or maximize their influence!

Where Do I need To Begin? Again this is huge! And we won’t change everything overnight. So what aspect can you chose to make the most impact?

Where will I start? Now you know what, you need to figure out the when you will work on it.

And your check out! Did this week meet your expectations? Anything you wish I had covered? Let me know! Either in the FB group (always with respect of course!) or email me direct!