So here we are Creative Spirits Listeners! That not so easy place to be or talk about, or the perceived safety of the wounded healer.

And we are talking about healers today because we are all responsible for our own healing. Even when we seek out others to help us in our quest to heal, it is only ourselves who can do the actual work. 

Healers hold the space for us to do our own healing.

And we all have wounds. Much like death and taxes, being alive is to make mistakes, to be open to the wrong people at the wrong time, to be misunderstood and shamed, to be constantly told we are not enough and why we are not so.

Some of our wounds are very visible, others are deeper, some of us wear it all on our sleeves, others bury them so deep that the outside world has no idea of the tumult inside. No matter how you look at it, everyone has wounds, even those perfect people who you refuse to think could ever bleed.

And those are the thoughts are those of the wounded healer! It likes for the ego to take some pride in the pain. To believe no one has pain like ours (or to flip it and tell us to deny everything because our pain is so small) but mostly it wants to keep us where we are so we do not move out of the safe zone we have fallen into. A place where our pain can cover for us.

And so today the episode is all about going forward with how to know if you have been stuck in the wounded. Because to be fair, moving from an awakened place is also one where you hurt. It is not the pain that changes but rather your reaction to it.

We hope you enjoy today’s show!

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