Wondering if I can help you or not?

There is a very good chance we are a fit IF

📚 You want to restart your creative life after it has stalled.
🔮 You have no idea where to start.
😍😅😓🙄 You would love to try a coach but it terrifies you. The commitment, the face time, the “what if I hate it and I have no idea how to tell this person and I need to suffer through it for months on end!”
🤔🤓🦄 The feeling you have tired all of this before. How can I possibly add anything else?

Then not only can I help, but together we can get you back on the path to creating and working with the messy middle rather than fighting it!

Let’s take you from overwhelm to embracing a radiant and creative life!

And if you are still not sure if we are a match, then check out any one or all of these taste tests!

If reading is your jam check out my interview with the amazing Mariella on her Wordsmith site on what creative mermaids coaching actually Is!

Or you can listen to my interview with the fantabolous (yes, thats a word!) Samantha Parker here on the Badassery magazine website.

Badass Interviews: Sherrie McCarthy

Find out all about the messy middle in my session from The Creative & Vibrant Living Virtual Retreat. The session is free for free, as in no credit card required for sign up truly free!



Grab a journal on Kindle Unlimited if you have it! The First Dive that helps you start to build out the questions you need to ask yourself to go deeper into your creative blocks or the Mama Creative First Dive, specifically for mamas!


5. My interview with Writer On The Road:

#105 Writing Through The Messy Middle with Creative Mermaid, Sherrie McCarthy

6. Or these articles on the Messy Middle and motherhood and vulnerability as a creative

Or just pop into the Facebook group!