What Do Virtual Creative Retreats, International Women’s Day and scholarships for children in Nepal have in common?

They are all full of joy joy joy!!!!

That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of hard work and serious messy middles to get through.

But that’s where the Creative Mermaids comes in!

I really wanted to do something for International Women’s Day.

And after watching Peace4 People’s video I realised I was falling into my own trap of over thinking!


And so I have decided to offer an IWD day “pay what you can” for any of my 3 courses (including the Creative & Vibrant Living virtual retreat!) AND offer 1 New Author coaching bundle on a heavily subsidised scholarship: 25 dollars for the full package with 1 month of Voxer Coaching. Or basically a token amount!


On March 8th and March 9th, half of all the proceeds will go to Peace 4 People’s scholarship campaign.

And although the scholarship for the coaching requires a brief application process, the other 3 are really as simple as going here:

Creative & Vibrant Living Academy

Choosing a course

And then going here:

Creative Mermaids Paypal Me Link

And in the PayPal me notes tell me which of the 3 you would like me to enroll you in.

And I’ll set you up!

And I really want this to be a good energetic exchange.

These videos are raw but I help you wade into the messy middle. It’s where the juice of life is but it can bring you to your knees. It’s not meant to be polished.

And if you really can only afford a dollar then spend it guilt free.

But if you feel that you honesty can’t afford more but you don’t want to insult me, then do it anyway!  You can pay with an honest review of either of the books that come with the courses (like the Goal Tracking Planner, or the Yoga Journal or Travel Journal) and think on all the shipping costs that you saved me instead of me sending you out a review copy!

All of my books on Amazon

Or share this post with a friend and think of the money you keep from going to advertising. Money that instead can go to Peace 4 People’s scholarship program.

I feel really great doing this. And that’s also on the assumption that those who really need it will benefit. And will pay what they can. And not worry what that amount is!

Because the money that would’ve been spent on external factors is saved.

And everyone benefits!

My work (and in the case of the retreat, the other presenters) gets shared. And we are all doing really great and important work. (I’m  proud to say that we have best selling authors and 6 Spirit Junkie Masterclass graduates among the mix!).

You get to benefit by getting that creative project off of the ground. Or just giving yourself permission to start.

And Peace 4 People benefit because they get help in giving as many kids as possible an education.

And that feels pretty kick ass feminist to me.

So Happy International Women’s Day!  

And all the links are once again here:

Scholarship Application for Creative Mermaids 1 month coaching with new author package (deadline is Sunday March 11th): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UC7ABYWmturzuCujY_g3viVl6Ac03rl_lXNiKX97i84/prefill

Courses to choose from (coaching excluded):


Link to pay (otherwise you pay full price! But if you half the proceeds from March 8th and 9th will still go to Peace 4 People. Whichever link you use).


Peace 4 People’s website (currently under construction but you can also follow on Facebook!)



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