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Season 3 Interlude 1

Interlude 1 of season 3 was to be a review of the last year and how much can change in a span of one circle around the sun.

But once record was hit it quickly went into honoring your heart’s desires wherever you are with them – in celebration or in pain.

Not everyone feels the need to welcome the new year and in this episode we talk about honoring those feelings as well as those that stem from joy.

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Gumboots By The Sea Energy Forecast for 2019

Today’s episode is a special one! In honor of the New Year Kate is sharing her Gumboots By The Sea Energy Forecast for 2019!

Set your goals and intentions for the new year with the aid of Kate’s energy forecast for 2019!

This episode is a magic one as Kate channels from her very own almost created deck!

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Creative Spirits 3.6 – TRUTHBOMBS AND CLUNKS – Rise sister RISE

Merry Christmas Creative Spirits listeners! Today we are talking about one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself: the permission to show up in all of your glorious imperfections!

We are talking about being awkward, showing up anyway and just being you! And it is MORE than enough, because you are!

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Episode 5 We Are Going There! The Wounded & Awakened Healer

So here we are Creative Spirits Listeners! That not so easy place to be or talk about, or the perceived safety of the wounded healer.

And we are talking about healers today because we are all responsible for our own healing. Even when we seek out others to help us in our quest to heal, it is only ourselves who can do the actual work. 

Healers hold the space for us to do our own healing.

And we all have wounds. Much like death and taxes, being alive is to make mistakes, to be open to the wrong people at the wrong time, to be misunderstood and shamed, to be constantly told we are not enough and why we are not so.

Some of our wounds are very visible, others are deeper, some of us wear it all on our sleeves, others bury them so deep that the outside world has no idea of the tumult inside. No matter how you look at it, everyone has wounds, even those perfect people who you refuse to think could ever bleed.

And those are the thoughts are those of the wounded healer! It likes for the ego to take some pride in the pain. To believe no one has pain like ours (or to flip it and tell us to deny everything because our pain is so small) but mostly it wants to keep us where we are so we do not move out of the safe zone we have fallen into. A place where our pain can cover for us.

And so today the episode is all about going forward with how to know if you have been stuck in the wounded. Because to be fair, moving from an awakened place is also one where you hurt. It is not the pain that changes but rather your reaction to it.

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Kicking The Need For External Validation To The Curb

Warning! We are passionate in this episode and some adult language is used! Not a lot, but some did slip out!

If you need a permission slip to start living the creative and vibrant life you are born to live then this episode is the episode for you. Or if you don’t know why you feel stuck in a holding place, then take a listen to see if some of the freedom jailors we mention ring true!

Freedom jailors are those things, real and imagined, that keep you stuck in a place of safety. It can be a fear of failure (or of success) or the fear of what everyone will say. It can be the belief that you need childcare to start or not until you have lost 30 pounds. Whatever is holding you back from the life you deserve is a freedom jailor.

And they have no place in the life you deserve to life!

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The Messy Middle Makes The Front Cover

Soooooo you know you’re crazy busy when it’s the middle of the month before you realize your story on the #messymiddle (which is a major theme within your #creative and #vibrant virtual retreat) has made front cover on @badasserymag!!!! Go check it out, and if you’re not sure what the #messymiddle is this sums it up : “Or sometimes we find help, but they rarely address the cocoon phase. I think of life as a series of cycles, and each one involves a caterpillar component, a cocoon phase and a butterfly phase. The problem is no one likes to talk about the cocoon phase. You know that part where you are a bubbling, dissolved mess. We gloss that over. We talk about how we went from caterpillars to butterflies, and if the cocoon is mentioned at all it is the fact that it is a safe space to change. And it is! Only I do not think that when you are in there you realize it. In fact, when you are in the midst of it you think it will never end and you have no idea how to even begin to do it.”

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Wait in a place you know the muse will find you

A little routine and showing up when you don’t want to can in fact get the creativity flowing!

I fought against this for such a long time. I refused to believe or accept that! Creativity was about being spontaneous. It was divine inspiration. It most definitely was not about routine or schedules.

And yet, since I have committed to a routine my creativity and output has increased. In both quality and quantity!

And forcing myself to work sometimes even when everything fights against it sometimes even surprisesme with what comes out.

Enjoy me doing this in real time. my video practice is just that. A practice. And it can be applied to any creative practice!

Walking Your Own Path: Open relationships, Passive Aggressive Internet Comments and You Doing You

My article this month is all about walking your own path. Open relationships, passive aggressive internet comments and you doing you are all part of it!

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