I know that we have all been there! I still go there. I wander online in search of some needed advice and go down a rabbit hole of self-doubt and comparison. Somehow I come away not knowing anything other than I am not fast enough or nearly productive enough!

I regularly have to reset myself. It’s about a 3-month cycle for me. 😄 I find journaling really helps. Because it is a fine line between resistance and taking a break. I have to make the effort to check in with myself and what I want. I also like to see if I still want my original goal. And often I find that I’m on the right path and following it still makes me happy. I want to keep doing the work but I’m feeling pressure to “have this done as of yesterday.”

And that doesn’t work. It is the journey we want to be on. Trying to speed things up does not help us. Looking at others does not help us. And far worse, we end up making ourselves crazy doing something that was supposed to make us avoid the crazy to begin with!

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