Having support in your life is huge. No one exists in a vacuum. This is why mindset and regular check-ins are so important.

Part of your check-ins should include how you feel about what was said to you during the day. Did you feel supported? If so wonderful! How do you encourage more of that in your life?

If not then what do you need to do differently? What do you need to ask for?

Keeping track of who influences you and how can have a massive impact on your productivity as well as your overall well-being.

Sometimes we don’t realize just how harmful some of the comments we see are until we slow down and make note of them.

Same with our media influences. I feel much better about myself since I stopped reading Glamour and instead starting following Vivenne McMaster and her Instagram feed.

Watch what you let influence you and see how it does! It is the beginning of a massive change!

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